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8 October

• W E L C O M E •

Welcome to Briar Rose's realm at LJ. Here I share my icons, headers and wallpapers. Once in a while I'll share my resources at my icon journal, like textures and brushes.

At my icon journal expect to be enchanted by art, fairy tales, sexy villains, Harry Potter fandom (especially Snape and Lucius), themes of darkness, movies, gothic, alternative music, oddity, popular culture and more. Some icons are suggestive and/or contain kinky text. Don't watch this journal if you find it offending. I love anime, bdsm, yaoi as well as in art as in lemon fanfiction.

I like to keep my graphics and my personal journal seperated, hence this icon journal. If you have any questions, comments, critic, feedback, anything you can leave a message at my journal. I always give a response back.

• F R I E N D I N G •

Feel free to friend this journal if you want to keep updated. You don't have to ask! Keep in mind when you friend me that I don't update on a regular basis. I'll probably come with a batch of icons once or twice a month. It depends on the time I have and my creativity. Don't expect me to friend everyone who's friending me. Trust me, it's nothing personal. Mostly I friend graphics journals I enjoy watching or other interests.

• R U L E S •

Credit briarrose_icons if you take any icons or wallpapers. Please don't claim anything you take as your own work, because it isn't.

Comments feeds the muse and boosts the ego ^-^
I appreciate if you leave a comment and let me know which icons you took. Feedback is much appreciated so I know what to improve.

Hotlinking is a big no-no. Please don't hotlink my graphics beause it kills my bandwidth! If you don't know what hotlinking is, please refer to this site. Don't offer my graphics elsewhere without asking my permission. Save any graphics by uploading it to your own server or computer.

Feel free to nominate my icons, but let me know which one you took and to which community.

Textless icons are not bases. Don't edit my icons please.

Most importantly enjoy my icon journal

• A F F I L I A T E S & L I N K S •






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